Audit of Local Community Group

Aim: Simply to compile a list of the various community group in the area. (Desktop Research)

In this section, we aim to simply create a register of all the local organisations and community groups in the area. Please review the list below and register a group if it’s not already there. ¬†Please include all sports groups, hobby groups, public organisations and charities.

Note: In this section we simply wish to create a list of organisations, in the next section we invite each organisation to fill in our survey.

Other resources for local community organisations


In this section, we wish to identify ways to support our local community groups and to encourage local people to get more involved in local organisations.

If you represent a local community group please enter your request for help from the local business or local volunteers.

Alternatively, if you are interested in volunteering some time or other resources to the local community please fill in the form below.

Survey of Community Organisations

Aim: Here we aim to get all local community groups to fill in a survey form to better understand them.