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    Discussion group on Shannon heritage


    Pat Kennedy

    Shannon Archaeological & Historical Society

    * Annual Journal (the other clare)
    * 2.5K pages of original content in the journal
    * Going 40+years, one of old organisations in the town
    * Run regular talks and conferences
    * 4KM radius is general research area
    * Approx ~100 members
    * 25euros per year
    * 4-6 lectures in oakwood arms
    * 30-40 turn up for a lecture on average
    * Lectures are niche e.g. latest lecture on plane crashes, photographic collection, islands of river ferghus.

    * Also Clare Archaeolgy


    Pat Kennedy

    Duchas na Sionna
    * 10yrs old

    * More project based e.g.
    a) Restore hastings farmhouse
    b) Garden restoration
    c) Information point

    * Gather pictures
    * Doing a 1916 rising display
    * Done a wetlands project of restoration, and awareness
    * Social projects
    * Linked with number of other groups

    Plan for hastings to be to be open more to the community.
    * 10 or so members but when they do a project they get help from local mens shed, and other groups
    * They are currently getting sign for hasting cottage, could look at


    Pat Kennedy

    Note from Orla,

    * Social History project (2year project)
    * Hasting project, lived in till late 60’s, it shown on 1840 OSI map
    * Need to get it back into the community
    * PLan to conserve it firstly, ultimately rebuild but there is planning issues
    * They actively source all sorts of funding

    * Used as a heritgae centre, fully restored
    * Birdwatch facility for birdwatch
    * Link path to estuary is required

    Notes from
    * The walk is being created from airport to near village
    (its a good idea to really plan on the walk)
    * Mis-match between public policy and what happens on the ground
    * Can they redirect community funding to help with walkways
    * A lot of senior people do not understand Shannon issues


    Pat Kennedy

    – Could possible look at getting Hasting on NIAH database ( we also dont see
    – The tower house in smiths industrial estate is in bad state of repair
    – Aidan of sullivan have done some research on shoreline, found fish traps and a dug otu canoe (at fergus estuary) …there should be good info on that

    – Lagoon was built to allow aircraft to land (before going to land airport to UK)
    – Very large body of work done between 30’s and 60’s to drain the lands
    – John Murphy has a documented building of lagoon
    – The planes generally landed in Foynes and there is meuseum there now
    – There is a new organisation called the “friends of the airport” and they promote the airport, meet and great, educaton tours. They are interested in developing some sort interpretive, exhibition etc. Pushing to create a tour
    – Eddie has been pushing for Aviation meuseum in area for a while.
    – Photo archive is very important
    – If there was walks, meuseeums they migth stay an extra night.
    – They should ask people in the China / Shannon exhibition in Kildare village to provide their content.
    – If we got these galleries and such we could out them online and in exhibition
    – 1972 was the first mention of Shannon being a town, before that seems to be jsut place for workers. Housing permission, piecemeal expansion
    – We should look at using boards in public to show the town of old.
    – Clare roots society, geaneaolgy do alot of grave documentation.
    – At oakwood arms there is old building, it would be good point for starting point of a trail and link to hasting and the river

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