Shannon Community Development Dashboard

Welcome to the Shannon Community Development Dashboard. This is an online tool which aims to:
  • Help individuals and groups in the community to gain a better understanding of local issues
  • Bring together like-minded people to initiate community projects
  • Coordinate meetings and set workshop agendas
  • Provide a framework for 4-6 week community development programs
  • Build community teams to initiate local projects

Get Involved!

Community Development Programme

Review how the community is managed and works towards identifying solutions to improve local management and planning

Look at the broad-ranging issues of Heritage, Culture and Arts on a local level, including the integration of all local customs and cultures

Consider actions to help develop new businesses in the community, sustain existing businesses and promote the local jobs market

How you can help your community grow


Understand Your Community

The community dashboard allows users to review information about the community, such as up-to-date jobs and crime figures, and a breakdown of the community from the latest Central Statistics Office figures. 


Voice Your Opinion

Speak up and let your voice be heard. By contributing your ideas, expertise and knowledge, you can make your voice be heard on how we can develop our community together.


Goals and Solutions

What are the most important issues in our community? The dashboard allows local people to help define goals for their community and contribute towards deciding and implementing the most appropriate solutions.


Local Projects & Volunteer Register

The dashboard helps create a database of all local groups and undertakes a survey to identify areas where they can be supported. The tool also helps match local volunteers with relevant local projects.

Components of the eTownz Community Development Audit & Workstation

Resource Audits

To make this report, we conducted an audit on a wide range of elements of the community, from infrastructure to community groups to tourist attractions to transport systems. All this helps us get a true understanding of our community as it stands.

Surveys for Locals

As part of the community report, we undertook surveys of the local residents, business community and not-for-profit clubs and groups in your community. The aim of these surveys was to understand the issues concerning the people in the community.

Open Data Visualisation

Using a range of analytical tools, Irish Census data and other open data sources, we gained a greater understanding of the issues and characteristics of your community versus other comparable towns, and regional and Irish benchmarks.

Reporting & Engagement

Our surveys, audits and open data visualisation come together in the online reporting and knowledge base, which helps members of the community identify the most pertinent issues and encourages them to be more engaged and participate in community development initiatives.