This month Shannon 1st Clare CUBS and BEAVERS attended their National camp held every four years. JamOige is a massive event with over three and a half thousand children and a thousand staff. Three nights under canvas for Cubs and two for Beavers is tough going and a great achievement that can’t be overstated, each and every child represnted their troop and Shannon town extremely well.


Special thanks to the SCOUTS and the parents who very kindly helped to put up and strike camp; to Joe at Fisherton Ironworks and supplies, Smithstown Diy Shannon and LCE Graphix thanks also for your kind donations of time, materials and effort. Without local support these events would be near impossible to attend and your help makes it much easier.
Lastly to the parents for helping with making woggles and parachord men, packing rucksacks, driving, watching youtube videos of time warp and weaving and always been there for our mad plans whenever we ask.
If your business can do a little to help out it would be more than welcome.
Here is a small slide show